This comics creator Jeremy Whitley is truly brilliant. I love the way he approached the comic, I love the execution and I love the characters that he’s allowed to be met so far. I’ve only read up to book 4 (which I believe in the most recent) but, it is not only good for all ages but something new. You meet a princess who wants nothing more than to not be locked up in a tower become locked up in a tower through deceit from her food-poisoning parents. You meet a goofy, lovable, oafish yet fierce girl dragon of whom the princess can understand. You meet her overbearing father of a King and her (so far) misunderstood in a way mother. The prince, the sheepish prince and her beloved brother. The half-dwarf girl who has been moonlighting as the towns blacksmith because her father is at the pub more often than not. Basically…. it’s awesome. I got all 4 books on itunes for $1.99 each. Not bad at all and definitely worth it.  

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